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Pinterest, Why use It?

3d illustration of two large red push pins with pinterest logos on the ends

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites in the world, with over 100 million visitors a month in the United States alone.  A network that connects mostly women (which make up 80% of the accounts), who share, via multiple boards, their hobbies and interest, inspiration, ideas and more by pinning or posting pictures and images. But, why?  […]

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Making the World a Better Place

ulie Martineau ― chair of the social organization United Way for Montgomery County

 “Diversity is a beautiful thing that brings so much richness” With her typical passion, energy and happiness Julie Martineau ― chair of the social organization United Way for Montgomery County ― welcomed Connexion W into her office to talk about the organization’s goals and expectations, at a time when the area is experiencing important social and economic changes. Martineau, who […]

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Saving Lives

Embarcación con migrantes

“I just wish to live”, is the phrase that echoes into the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Exclusive Interview with Martin Xuereb, MOAS Director Raising humanity’s awareness is part of the work the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), does every day. MOAS is a social organization, internationally recognized for their hard work saving lives, with their boat Phoenix in the […]

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An Unlikely Coalition for Immigration Reform


America prides itself on being a nation of immigrants. Immigrant traditions and contributions strengthen our nation culturally, economically, intellectually and spiritually. But as immigrants’ contributions have evolved, and as our demographics here in Texas and across the country have changed, our immigration system has not kept up. Political polarization has trumped the need for commonsense immigration reform. Immigration is not […]

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For those who love Literature … Aura

Carlos Fuentes

In this fantastic story, Carlos Fuentes grabs the reader’s attention forcefully from the first page by using the second-person narrative and the swing of verb tenses from present to future, to involve and predict, thereby achieving a mysterious effect. The story begins when Felipe lets the cigarette ash drop in his cup of tea, while reading a newspaper ad requesting […]

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The “Interjet Effect” has arrived in Houston

aviones interjet

The airline’s ambassador promotes connectivity to the world Gabriela Jiménez, former Ambassador of Costa Rica to Mexico and current Director of International Relations of the Grupo Alemán and the Mexican airline, Interjet, announced on May 14, at George Bush International Airport, the opening of Interjet’s nonstop Mexico City-Houston flight. “We are always looking for new routes, new destinations, new opportunities […]

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