4th of July: The First Successful Declaration of Independence in the World


Texas and USA Flag | 4 of July | Connexion WOn the 4th of July, Americans nationwide celebrate the 239th birthday of the United States. Families gather from all around the country to enjoy the holiday, grills are dusted off to barbecue savory meat; and fireworks are let off to thunderously light up the night sky.

Although the 4th of July is a fun way to commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the birth of our country, the influence that day has had on all of North America holds a much deeper value than simply a time for food and celebration. 

John Trumbull's

John Trumbull’s “The Declaration of Independence”

The Declaration of Independence, was the first of its kind, as it was the first successful Declaration of Independence in the world. It laid the foundation for all the Latin countries in America, to rise up against their oppressors and fight for the rights they deserved. Within 50 years of the Declaration’s signing, nearly all of Latin America had declared independence from their rulers as well. All of these declarations of independence not only ensured us the rights we now enjoy, but also provided the framework for the way we all live our lives today.

The equality and freedoms that we hold as commonplace now, may not have existed at all, were it not for those thousands of troops across the Americas fighting for independence in the past. The immensely diverse and booming city of Houston has come to be as a direct result of that day 239 years ago, when those 56 delegates signed that declaration in Philadelphia; and I couldn’t be more thankful that they did.

BY CHANCE GRIFFIN – Guest Contributor

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