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BLONDE: the story of the broken doll or the poem of hope devoured by fear


BLONDE (Alfaguara 2012) by Joyce Carol Oates, the New Yorker writer and Nobel Prize for Literature nominee, tells the obscurities, abominations, squalors, extreme abuse and ruthless exploitation suffered by Norma Jean Baker. Popularly known as Marilyn Monroe, she was one of the American quintessential icons and the most idolized platinum blonde of all times. Throughout its nearly 1,000 pages, including […]

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Connexion W: One year making history


With this edition, Connexion W celebrates one year of being in existence. We are a product of our society’s undergoing rapid change. On a cultural, economic and social level, every month we feature events, personalities and services that have a positive impact on our community and environment. To commemorate this anniversary, we have invited some leaders to share their opinions […]

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Pachuca Paints Itself Is a Colorful and Social Reconstruction Project

Pachuca Paints Itself is a colorful and social reconstruction project

The National Program for the Social Prevention of Violence and Crime invested five million pesos (more than $300,000) in what has become an emblematic site. Now the neighborhood of Palmitas in Pachuca (Hidalgo), Mexico, not only hosts the country’s largest and most colorful mural, but is also part of a comprehensive prevention project that has resulted in the reduction of […]

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Salsa is Alive and Well


Musical festivals around the world are a great opportunity to delve into a certain musical genre. Downtown Houston was host on July 12, to the Colombian Fest, one of the most widely attended and best known annual events in the United States, which celebrates the independence of this South American country. Connexion W was there to talk with two of […]

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The Tunnel


By Yvonne Montaudon (PhD in Literature, Professor at Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla) Through the bars of a prison, painter Juan Pablo Castel looks at the city of Buenos Aires and writes the story of his own crime; encouraged by the weak hope that someone will come to understand… “If Only At Least One Single Person.” ¹ This cry reveals the anguish […]

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For those who love Literature … Aura

Carlos Fuentes

In this fantastic story, Carlos Fuentes grabs the reader’s attention forcefully from the first page by using the second-person narrative and the swing of verb tenses from present to future, to involve and predict, thereby achieving a mysterious effect. The story begins when Felipe lets the cigarette ash drop in his cup of tea, while reading a newspaper ad requesting […]

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