Condor International’s Oil Technology Soars Over the Andes

Rodney Davis, the Marketing Manager of R.L. Staley Co. and Condor International

While Houston is preparing to host the 2015 OTC Conference (Offshore Technology Conference), from May 4-7, the world’s most renowned event in the oil industry, ConnexionW invited Condor International, one of the Texan participating enterprises to share their story and importance in the field of oil relations between the United Stated and Latin America.

Today, more than ever, the opportunities of the oil industry in Latin America are being strengthened. Robert R. Schwager, President and founder of Condor International traveled to Colombia in 2009 to offer the services of the companies that he represents.  From that first mission, his first contract with Colombia arose. “Colombia has future growth plans, land development, necessities for improving infrastructure; roads, rail lines, and there are many needs internally to be completed, but it will be done and will happen.”

Rodney Davis & Robert R. Schwager, Staley Co. and Condor International

Rodney Davis & Robert R. Schwager, Staley Co. and Condor International

The implementation of new technologies

Bringing technology and goods that make the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in Latin America more efficient and productive is the work of the group of enterprises that Schwager represents. “The most important for our company is going to be really, promoting the products and service of our group. We specialize in new technologies with innovative products and services. They will help to lower cost, improve operational efficiency, and specifically, supply cost, and they will also contribute to profitability and be more positive to the environment.”

rl-staley-forgingRodney Davis, the Sales and Marketing Manager of R.L. Staley Co. ( and Condor, said “Rick Staley has been in the oil & gas industry for many years supporting oil & gas companies within the United States, within Texas, Houston region, and with that, he supports this ownership of Condor and through that experience can help support our Condor efforts into the oil and gas industry in Colombia.”

Although the economy and the crisis with the price of oil has been a concern, they see very positive aspects.  According to Schwager, “We have several projects that we are negotiating right now.  We have a very large project that we have been working with clients in Colombia.  One of them refers to a lake in Barrancabermeja, Colombia, called Cienaga Miramar.  This lake has been impacted for over 55 years with a lot of contamination due to several factors. The local community needs to find the solution to remediate and prevent future contamination into the lake and we are ready to help them. For water treatment and to prevent future contamination we use BioDaf  technology.”

Condor International focuses on projects in the production, refining, pipeline, safety and environmental sectors within Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago.  They represent the following Texas, Lousiana, Illinois, and Australia firms: Scot Forge, RL Staley Co., Joule Processing, KnightHawk Engineering, Radarview, Oil States Industries, Inc., BioDaf, Rapid Drilling-Rapid Pipeline Group, Consolidated Data Intelligence, and Lean Field Developments.


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