Houston, the Challenge of a Global City

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Meet the Candidates for Houston’s Next Mayor

City of Houston | Meet the Mayor Candidates 2015 | Connexion W The Woodlands TXHouston’s Mayoral campaign has begun. This global city faces new challenges in the areas of public policies, urban re-structuring, budget, environment and transportation. Referring to this metropolis, Rice University’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research notes that “no city more clearly exemplifies the trends that are rapidly refashioning the social and political landscape across all of urban America.”

The elections to be held on November 3, include seven men who are willing to replace Annise Parker in office.  The seven candidates are: the former Sheriff of Harris County, Adrian García; attorney and the 2013, former candidate for Major, Ben Hall; former Mayor of Kemah, Bill King; former Congressman and Councilor, Chris Bell; entrepreneur, Marty McVey; State Representative Sylvester Turner and Councilman Stephen Costello.

Houston Mayor candidates 2015 | Connexion W | Government and politics Houston

Candidates for Mayor of Houston 2015

In order to better introduce you to them, Connexion W asked the each of the candidates the same question: “In 20 words or less, what would you like to accomplish during your term in office?

Here are their answers:

“I will resolve the City’s budget problems, improve our infrastructure, grow our economy, and resolve the building permitting process.” – Adrian García

Better community policing, better roads, improve education, adopt tax policies and return city government to the people.” – Ben Hall

We need proven business leadership to get Houston ‘back to basics’ — fix the streets, catch the crooks, balance the budget.” – Bill King

We will fix streets, build and repair sidewalks, improve public transportation, and treat even minor crimes seriously.” – Chris Bell

“I want to give a voice to the voiceless, the deaf and blind communities and small business owner.” – Marty McVey   

“I’m running to make our neighborhoods safer, improve our roads and give working people a better chance to get ahead.” – Sylvester Turner

“My goals as mayor would be to fix our roads and traffic, prioritize public safety, and protect taxpayer money.” – Steve Costello