Jaime Talacón: An Entrepreneur Who Played it Safe

Jaime Talancon | Farmers Insurance Agent | Connexion W The Woodlands TX

The key to success is advising the customer and giving him service whenever needed

Jaime Talancon | Farmers Insurance Agent | Connexion W The Woodlands Texas

Jaime Talancon | Farmers Insurance Agent

Not forgetting his Texan and Mexican roots, engineer and businessman Jaime Talancón, arrived in The Woodlands with his family in 2011, firmly determined to serve the community and develop his own insurance agency. Using his experience, charisma and drive, he managed to gather more than 200 Hispanic entrepreneurs in only three months.  They all saw the need to create an organization to support entrepreneurship in the Latino community. Therefore, in 2012, he contributed to the establishment of the The Woodlands chapter of the Association of Mexican Entrepreneurs and the consolidation of his company Talancon Insurance Agency.

“By nature, an entrepreneur has the talent to do or create things; then, when you put together a group of people who have the ability to create, everything can be done,” asserted Talancón.

The cultural value of service

With 16 years of experience in the insurance service area and credentials including two master degrees, one in leadership and the other in business administration, Jaime Talancón has amassed an extensive client portfolio.

“The key to success is advising the client and giving him the service whenever needed,’ he said adding, ‘they can reach me on my cell phone any time they need it”.

“When it comes to insurance, it is common to come across unknown concept; that is why the best solution is talking to someone who can explain all the details clearly. I enjoy talking to my clients, getting to know them, understanding their problems; understanding what is important to them, knowing what they want to protect; and advising them on what they should protect, too. There are things you say ‘no, not that’ and it turns out, it is something you must protect. In a nutshell, it is getting them to experience the calm of knowing and feeling they are protected,” he stated.

“Many of my customers see me like the Go-to person. I like helping them with their problems. Oftentimes without my realizing it, they transfer their policies themselves and recommend me; so that then many people are coming in. They need someone who offers the reliability and advise they need; and there I am, ready to collaborate [with them], whether they buy policies from me or not,” said Talancón.

Jaime Talancon Insurance Agent  | Connexion W | The Woodlands TX

Another way of analyzing risks

Protecting what is yours as well as your family, and avoiding a third party from getting a hold of your things is the goal of my enterprise. A risk or a danger can be transferred, eliminated, or tolerated. I recommend not touching what you are going to pay a third party.  In case of a lawsuit, the best thing is having enough coverage not to have what belongs to you taken away,” the insurance expert concluded.