Learn how to delegate or your business won’t grow


Taking about delegating is very easy, but turning this concept into part of the corporate culture of our business is – usually – very difficult. If you are the type of manager who only believes that things go well when you do them yourself, then you can define yourself as a poor administrator or manager; with your attitude you will only limit your company’s growth possibilities, while you are also exposed to an excessive work load.

delegarIn today´s world, specializing in the different activities of a company is vital and for that, each employee must have concrete functions in which he or she develops special skills, performing their tasks better than the rest. In order to make this process successful, surround yourself by a suitable, capable staff with a positive attitude towards learning.

Delegate the execution of all tasks that you don´t want to do or you have no time for. Remember to delegate activities giving clear and concise instructions. As far as possible, give written instructions; this way your employees may refer to the document in order to review the scope of each given function.

Bear in mind that as a manager, you delegate the implementation of tasks but not the responsibility for them. In all cases, in the presence of the owners or partners of the company, it is you who is in charge. Define specific control points, set up follow-up meetings, demand regular reports, or simply call and confirm with certain frequency that everything is running the way you require it.

Delegating is the process by which a manager assigns specific functions to a coworker or employee in a concrete, clear and concise manner to be carried out, as far as possible, with a higher standard of quality.


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