Learn the Steps and Products to Getting a Perfect Tan


The long-awaited summer season has arrived when we enjoy light clothing, the beach, outdoor activities and of course, the time of year when we all want to have a perfect tan. But, watch out: before sun exposure we should prepare ourselves to avoid sunburns, sunspots, photo aging, and other irreversible skin damages.
It is essential to protect ourselves from sun exposure by using sunscreens according to our skin type, hats, caps, long-sleeved clothing, sunglasses and lip balms featuring at least 15 SPF. Also remember that smart and thermostatic clothes made with fibers that provide solar protection, are already available for sale.
Another good preventive measure is to prepare our bodies internally prior to sun exposure by consuming foods rich in beta carotene.
B-carotenes or beta-carotenes are orange or yellow vegetable pigments precursors of vitamin A which, along with melanin, lay on the outer layers of the skin creating a protective barrier against ultraviolet radiation, while helping to get a quicker tan.
Beta-carotene is a natural pigment that does not alter our skin permanently.
All yellow and orange fruits as well as vegetables, are among the natural foods rich in beta-carotene we can choose from. Examples include carrots, papaya, tomatoes, mangoes, spinach and peppers.
Whenever we tan, we should also take into consideration how often we apply sunscreen. It is recommended that sunscreen be applied every three hours, after sweating, and especially after being in the sea or in the pool. For children, using an anti-allergenic sunscreen with a high protection factor is advisable.
Often in the summer, the facial and body skins tend to get spots, regardless of the care and precautions that we take.
Sunspots – also called freckles – are caused by an uneven increase of melanin on the [skin] epidermis or dermis.
It is important to understand that sunspots are produced by different causes and are more common after 40 years of age; especially in areas that have been the most exposed to the sun such as hands, shoulders, cheeks, etc. Personally, during the summer I always carry sunscreen in the car, which I apply on my hands before driving.
There are other reasons why skin exposed to the sun tends to become stained. Hormonal or hereditary factors, as well as some pharmacological and cosmetic treatments, can also accelerate the appearance of spots when we are exposed to the sun; so it is good to always read the contraindications before taking or using a product.
Get ready to enjoy the summer, take precautions during sun exposure and may the Sun King give you a perfect tan!

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