“Long live México” with color, taste and tradition


Anywhere in the world where a Mexican lives, the cry of “Viva México” will surely be heard on September 15th.
The United States, a country where millions of Mexicans live will resound with the shouts of “Viva México” too, as Mexican Americans proudly celebrate the independence of their native country.
This is what is called “The Cry of Independence,” an official, self representative exclamation that is shouted prior to the celebration of the Mexican Independence Day. A cry that besides raising one’s voice to show appreciation to the heroes who brought peace and liberty to Mexico, also represents the pride, culture, tradition and the honor of being a Mexican.
This year marks the 205th anniversary of the historic feat led by the Rev. Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla. On September 15th, prior to the day commemorating Mexico’s independence, a party called “Noche Mexicana” (Mexican Night) takes place.

On that day, Mexicans everywhere remember one of the most important dates in their civic calendar
by wearing traditional costumes, decorating their houses as well as offices with green, white and red, representing the colors of their flag and enjoying delicious typical Mexican fare such as: chiles en nogada; pozole; tostadas; chicken in mole poblano; grilled meat, cochinita pibil (pulled pork) or Mexican tortas. For dessert, the traditional colored mosaic jello is offered. Beverages include a variety to choose from natural fresh water fruit to traditional pulque and tequila, just to mention a few of the Mexican delights. Viva México! (Long live Mexico!)

›› By Patricia Estrada


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