The “Interjet Effect” has arrived in Houston

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The airline’s ambassador promotes connectivity to the world

Gabriela Jiménez, former Ambassador of Costa Rica to Mexico and current Director of International Relations of the Grupo Alemán and the Mexican airline, Interjet, announced on May 14, at George Bush International Airport, the opening of Interjet’s nonstop Mexico City-Houston flight. “We are always looking for new routes, new destinations, new opportunities to give our passengers connectivity to the world,” said the executive to Connexion W.

Gabriela Jiménez, director of  institutional relations, Interjet

“Our strength is our quality”, said Gabriela Jiménez

“’The Interjet Effect’ refers to the phenomenon that whatever location the airline arrives at with new service, prices go down, the quality goes up, and competitiveness is enhanced. We have fair prices, lower prices; more space between [rows of] seats, new aircrafts, and kind, gentle people who offer excellent customer care. In 2014, we were the airline that mobilized the most passengers in Mexico, transporting 7.8 million travelers,” added Jiménez. With this new route, Interjet strengthens even more, its presence in the American market.

Commenting on the impact this new route could have on the neighboring country’s present economy scenario, she said: “this flight is very important for all investors who are interested in Energy Reform in Mexico. We have flights to Campeche, Villa Hermosa, Ciudad del Carmen; we are flying to every one of the cities and places of importance in the energy sector today.” The Mexico-Houston route offers its passengers two flights daily, one in the morning and another in the afternoon.

Gabriela Jiménez, Director of  Institutional Relations of Interjet

Gabriela Jiménez, Director of Institutional Relations of Interjet

Jiménez additionally spoke of the benefits the airline provides customers, which distinguish it from the competition. “Interjet routes permit checking in two suitcases weighing up to 110 lbs. It also permits traveling with personal sporting equipment at no extra charge; approves a pet onboard as part of the baggage, without charging any extras. Furthermore, minors are not subject to additional fees if traveling by themselves. This is very important when it comes time to send children to visit their relatives,” she said.

Interjet flies to 47 destinations, 38 of them within Mexico, and 9 of them abroad, serving the United States through Houston, San Antonio, New York, Las Vegas, and Miami; as well as Bogotá, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, in Latin America and  La Havana, Cuba, in the Caribbean.   

“The opening of this Mexico-Houston flight is part of the strengthening of economic, touristic and cultural ties between the two countries,” said Jiménez. Adding, “We invite you to discover Mexico. We have a broad range of destinations that allow those who have relatives there to reunite with them, rediscover their roots, recognize this Mexico that some know and others don´t, but yet, they know that it´s in their blood”


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